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Procedure for Registration of Bachelor’s – Diploma Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Procedure for registering Bachelor’s Theses, Diploma Theses and Doctoral Theses in the “Pergamos” Digital Repository of EKPA.

Postgraduate students and doctoral candidates of the Departments of the Faculty of Science must follow the steps below in order to take the oath.

Step 1

After the work has been approved and graded, the students must register it (mandatory in pdf format) in the “PERGAMOS” Institutional repository, compulsorily filling in all the fields of the Census Form, according to the Instructions for completing the census form. The paper should have page numbering, table of contents, summary in Greek and English, up to 5 keywords in Greek and English, bibliographic references with numbering. The following should be written on the first pages of the thesis file: School, Department, title/specialization of the postgraduate program, title of the thesis, name of the author, registration number, full name of the supervising professor and the two members of the three-member committee (postgraduate theses and doctoral theses), as well as the four members of the seven-member committee (doctoral theses) with their title (e.g. Associate Professor), place (Athens), year (e.g. 2016). Online filing is possible from any computer. It is necessary for students to have an active e-mail account at EKPA, in order to have access to personalized services.

Step 2

Fill out the corresponding form Graduate Student PhD student Without this form, the job approval process will not proceed USEFUL DOCUMENTS Request to restrict access to the full text Submitting my thesis to Pergamum (video) To send it from their institutional account signed and scanned (in pdf or jpeg) to the Secretariat of their Department.

Step 3

To come to the Library of the School of Science, in order to: to return any books that may be owed.