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The Interdepartmental Master’s Program (MSc) “Applications of Biology in Medicine” was established following a proposal from the faculty of the Faculty of Biology and the School of Medicine at NKUA, and received approval from the Ministry of Education on May 30, 1995, as published in Government Gazette 711/33Β7/295. Now in its twenty-eighth year, the program undergoes continual assessment and updates. We have consistently aimed to provide high-quality education, a goal we believe has been largely achieved. This success has been supported by a diverse teaching team comprising faculty from the Biology and Medicine schools, as well as seasoned researchers from various research foundations and institutes.

The program’s primary objective is to cultivate new researchers skilled in designing, executing, and publishing significant scientific studies on topics that align with the rapidly evolving sectors of Biology and Medicine. It also seeks to advance scientific knowledge and apply these findings for societal benefit and to enhance the professional prospects of its graduates.

The MSc offers specialized theoretical and practical training relevant to biomedical diagnostic and research centers, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for competitive roles in the job market. The curriculum includes lectures and laboratory exercises tailored to the professional focus of the program and the societal goals of the partnering institutions.

Operational responsibility for the program lies with the Study Program Committee, led by the Program’s Director of Studies. The Secretariat of the MSc, located in the Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics at the Faculty of Biology, oversees course coordination, scheduling, financial management, and other administrative functions.

The Director of Studies
Ioannis Trougakos

Department of Cell Biology & Biophysics
Faculty of Biology
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens